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Did you know that a real estate agent showing you a space or selling you a  building is always representing the landlord or building owner? Unless you have a signed agreement stating otherwise.

This is why, if you are looking to purchase a building or looking to lease space, you should hire someone that specializes in real estate consulting and tenant representation for those in the hunt for real estate for their own use.  Bart Binning and Berhshire Hathaway HomeServices Anderson Properties provides the specialized services needed to eliminating guesswork and ensuring decisions that you, or client, make can be relied upon with confidence.

In the United States, it is typical for the commission in broker assisted real estate transactions to be built into the purchase price or rental structure.  Therefore, when you hire a real estate agent to assist you in procuring property, there is no direct cost to you for using our services.  

What is Tenant Representation?

Tenant Representation for commercial real estate is similar to "Buyer Representation" in residential real estate. With Tenant Representation, the agent represents the buyer or lessee and does not have a interest in the property being shown, and may show several different properties that meet the needs of the client.  

When you consider an expansion, a relocation, a site for future use, a built-to-suit, an investment, or a purchase or a lease - it is important to your bottom line that you have an 'advocate' ensure that every phase of the transaction is handled to your advantage. As your advocate, I am dedicated to obtaining the optimum space for your current and future needs. We will obtain that space or site at the best economic terms and contractual flexibility available in a sales/lease agreement.

Purpose of Tenant Representation.

Drawing on the experience and expertise of the commercial real estate broker to:

  • Organize the needs of the client.
  • Present these needs to the market being considered.
  • Make a thorough evaluation and negotiate the most favorable terms for the benefit of the user.

Components of Representation:

Planning - It is important to have a real grasp of why or how much new space or locations are needed as well as the cost expectations to be experienced in the market. Business and technology trends need to be incorporated into a facility, as well as the understanding of requirements for future growth needs.

Strategy - By laying out the strategy and fundamental steps to be followed that best serves the needs of the client, we establish the foundation for a good relationship, the responsibilities of the parties, as well as the ultimate goal and the necessity to work together as a team.

Defining the Need - Whether to purchase or lease can be a difficult decision. It is often confusing, very time consuming, lacks economic certainty, and is often not under taken in a methodical rational approach. By defining the needs, long and short term, one can establish a favorable economic and operational impact on the clients long term goals. The experienced Broker can help define those needs for the firm or individual with its extensive knowledge of the market place.

Implementation - A needs analysis, from physical surroundings, amenities, space and site utilization to financial considerations will be reviewed. The preparation of proposals will be sent to select properties, followed by a thorough analysis, and comparison. When selections are made, final negotiations of a purchase or lease are submitted for client approval.  

I would like to help you with your real estate needs.  

If you have trouble seeing the forest for the trees, give me a call.

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